I have an idea I'd like to protect.

Find out more about intellectual property (IP) rights and how they could protect your innovations. Qualified patent and trade mark attorneys at AdamsonJones talk about the ways in which we help individuals and businesses to obtain the best IP rights for new products and services.



Is intellectual property (IP) relevant for my business?

Find out how intellectual property protection could add value to your business. Nic Ferrar, patent attorney at AdamsonJones, discusses the importance of protecting your innovation to reduce the risk of being copied by competitors.



I've received a cease and desist letter and don't know what to do now.

Practical advice on protecting your own trade marks and infringing anyone else’s. David Gwilliam, trade mark attorney at AdamsonJones, explains what to do if you receive a 'cease and desist' letter.



What should I expect from my Patent Attorney?

The team at AdamsonJones discuss the benefits of using a patent attorney, what to look for when choosing one and how to get the best out of this professional relationship.



I'm collaborating with someone, who owns the IP?

Chris MacDonald, patent attorney at AdamsonJones, discusses the issues of inventorship and ownership of intellectual property rights.