Using the Green Channel to accelerate a UK patent application

AdamsonJones was able to obtain patent protection for AxoMap in just 15 months from the moment the Green Channel was used. .


Protecting innovation to support expansion

AdamsonJones obtains patent and trade mark protection to prevent Aburnet’s technology being used by third parties, thus protecting and strengthening the company’s position in the marketplace.


Managing intellectual property for sale

AdamsonJones worked with long-standing client, Monica Healthcare, to provide strategic advice to maximise the value of its intellectual property (IP) portfolio in readiness for acquisition.


Patent overturned on appeal

We were asked by a large company to take over responsibility for an action it had taken to overturn a patent held by one of its major competitors. Our client was concerned that the patent covered several of its products; if the patent remained in force, our client could face the prospect of having to remove its products from the market and/or face lengthy and expensive legal proceedings to protect its position. Our task was therefore to do all we could to ensure that the patent was cancelled.


Trade mark conflict resolved

Our client, a local manufacturing company, had developed and started using a range of brands without taking professional advice. Recognising the need to safeguard their position, they instructed us to register their trade marks throughout Europe.


Perseverance pays off for medical inventor

Our client was a distinguished industrial pharmacist with a lengthy track record of developing drug delivery devices. After taking early retirement from a senior position in a major pharmaceutical company, the client set up his own company to develop a new technology for the delivery of drugs by inhalation. What the client needed was strong patent protection for his idea so that he could sell or licence to established pharmaceutical companies.


Smooth transfer of patent portfolio

Our client, a UK-based developer of medical devices, had previously worked with another firm of patent attorneys, but now wished to engage a different firm to handle the entire patent portfolio for one of its businesses. We were invited to bid for the work and to attend a "beauty parade", at which we were also required to make a technical assessment of competitor patents relevant to the client's business. We therefore needed to demonstrate the capability to understand the technology involved, and to make a business proposal that was effective and competitive.


Novice client protects innovation

We were approached by an engineering design and consultancy company that had developed an item of testing equipment that it felt would be of interest to other companies in their field and which therefore had commercial potential. The company had no previous experience of the patent process, and needed guidance on the procedure to follow, and the likely costs involved.


Unwarranted threats dealt with easily

Our client, a privately-owned UK manufacturer that is keen to expand into overseas markets, exhibited its product range at an exhibition in South Africa. It was surprised to receive a fax from a South African company alleging that one of its products was an infringement of a granted South African patent, and demanding that sale of the product in South Africa cease immediately.


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