Novice client protects innovation

We were approached by an engineering design and consultancy company that had developed an item of testing equipment that it felt would be of interest to other companies in their field and which therefore had commercial potential. The company had no previous experience of the patent process, and needed guidance on the procedure to follow, and the likely costs involved.

After considering the design, we advised that the product would be patentable, and a UK patent application was prepared and filed. Later, as the deadline for filing overseas patent applications approached, we discussed with the client the various options available to it. It was clear that the markets for the product were in the USA and Australia only, and so patent applications were filed directly in those two countries.

The UK, US and Australian patent applications were examined in parallel, but the issues raised during examination in the US and Australia were similar to those that had already been dealt with in the UK. It was therefore possible to satisfy the examiners in the overseas countries quite readily, and all three patents were granted, giving the client effective protection for the invention in all countries of commercial interest to it.

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