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Smooth transfer of patent portfolio

Our client, a UK-based developer of medical devices, had previously worked with another firm of patent attorneys, but now wished to engage a different firm to handle the entire patent portfolio for one of its businesses. We were invited to bid for the work and to attend a "beauty parade", at which we were also required to make a technical assessment of competitor patents relevant to the client's business. We therefore needed to demonstrate the capability to understand the technology involved, and to make a business proposal that was effective and competitive. 

Shortly afterwards, we were pleased to receive the news that the client wished to appoint us as its patent attorneys. We took over responsibility for the patent portfolio in question, and have since added to that portfolio by preparing and filing patent applications directed to new developments. We were also subsequently instructed to take over responsibility from two other firms for the portfolio of trade marks and design registrations relating not only to the business for which we are handling the patents, but to all of the client's operations.