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Jenny Vaughan


Patent Attorney


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Jenny Vaughan holds a Masters of Science degree in Chemistry, from the University of Manchester. Jenny is an experienced patent attorney, having started her career in London with Albright and Wilson, a speciality chemicals company, before moving to Johnson Matthey, a company specialising in sustainable technologies. Having started her career in the chemicals industry, Jenny moved into pharmaceuticals, working for major international companies including Astra AB in Sweden, and Eli Lilly and Company in the UK. In addition to industry roles, Jenny has also been employed in private practice and, more recently, Has worked as an independent patent attorney on a contract basis to large corporate companies as well as private practice firms. Jenny has handled a wide variety of technical subject matter in the human health, animal health and general chemistry areas. This subject matter has included small molecule chemistry, formulation chemistry, medical devices, battery materials, detergents, and other, more general subject matter. Jenny is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) and a Member of the European Patents Institute (EPI).

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