How long will it take to get a patent?

We are often asked "how long will it take to get a patent?". Having a granted patent can be important when trying to attract investors or ward off competitors. Fortunately, there are various ways in the UK and in Europe that allow applicants to accelerate the patent application process.

Trade mark dispute rocks Deep Purple

The General Court of the European Union has issued a collection of decisions relating to a dispute over the ownership of the name of the English rock band Deep Purple between two of its founding members.

Important trade mark win for Leicester City FC

The importance of trade mark protection cannot be overstated. A recent example of this is the opposition that was filed by Leicester City Football Club (Leicester FC) against the Leeds City Football Club’s (Leeds FC) trade mark application.

Trade Marks: What's in a name?

A good trade mark should be easy to recognise and enforce, whilst a bad trade mark could in a worst-case scenario lead to a legal dispute and unnecessary cost being incurred.

Know your Third Party Patent Rights

In the competitive world of the biosciences, third party patent rights (TPRs) can stand in the way of a planned course of action, even after significant investment has been made. Knowledge of such rights and potential rights at an early stage is invaluable.

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