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Surely no-one would ever claim to own the rights to Christmas?

Surely no-one would ever claim to own the rights to Christmas? Our research shows that a certain Mr Bottomley tried to do just that. However, his 2012 application to register CHRISTMAS as a UK trade mark for services including electronic commerce and advertising was flatly refused by the UK Trade Mark Registry.

Perhaps Mr Bottomley had been emboldened by his previous success in obtaining registered European Trade Marks 001541507 and 009776493 for the mark FATHER CHRISTMAS.  Sadly, Mr Bottomley’s address is not the North Pole!

On a separate note, the UK Trade Mark Registry records also contain possibly the most ironic Christmas-themed trade mark of all time: 

UK Trade Mark 001465261


Filing Date: 23 May 1991 

The official status of the CHRISTMAS FIR EVER registration is: Dead. 

Best wishes for an enjoyable holiday season and a prosperous 2016 from the team at AdamsonJones.

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