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Disruptors Midlands

Disruptors Midlands is a one-day virtual event that will showcase the businesses already leading the charge and the next generation of entrepreneurs and companies that are aiming to transform the regional, national and global economy.

It will encourage and inspire business leaders and managers who know they need to become a disruptor. It will also inform you on what is being done by our politicians and policymakers to attract technology companies and investments, boost skills and create the conditions for innovative businesses to flourish.

The event will feature experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs alongside some of the most exciting young technology companies from across the Midlands.

AdamsonJones is delighted to be a sponsor of Disruptors Midlands, with partner and patent attorney, Nic Ferrar, speaking about the crucial role that intellectual property protection plays in the successful commercialisation of disruptive technology.

On the agenda:

Switching the lightbulb on: How to grow a disruptive business
Disruptive ideas can have huge potential but by their very nature are often relying on in part on the unknown or untested. Taking the inspirational idea and turning it into an investable proposition, then delivering on the ambition, is a challenge, but the rewards are huge for the successful.

Improving lives through tech for good
The healthcare sector is being transformed by technology and the Midlands is at the heart of this innovation-led approach. From using data to better help communities through to individual interventions to create better patient outcomes, the health technologies sector will continue to change and save lives. But how exactly is technology achieving this, and what does the future hold?

Creating a culture of disruption
Businesses with the capacity to disrupt need a culture of innovation. But they also need a culture which can evolve as the company grows and matures. Equally, companies that have been forced into being disruptive – whether from Covid, competition or other challenges – must find a way to maximise the opportunities. Having and keeping the right skills and talent in the business, and building diverse, resilient teams with fantastic leaders is extremely difficult with the current war for talent. But it is a battle that you can’t afford to lose.

How to identify opportunities for disruption – a tactical guide
Technology is a catalyst for disruption, but it is not the answer in itself. Find out how and where to start identifying opportunities to disrupt your industry, innovate and differentiate your strategy, products & services, by focusing on the people you are creating solutions for and the problems they are trying to solve.

Using data to fuel your transformation
Big data, algorithms and AI are often more discussed than understood. But they can be transformational for businesses of all sizes, powering change and exponential progress – find out how.

Harnessing the 5G-force
The advanced connectivity of 5G and its low latency and higher speeds can transform how we live and work. It can be used to create smart cities which provide better and faster services, encourage economic recovery and resilience, help urban sustainability, and present a wide range of opportunities in the years ahead.

Next generation disruptors
Who are the disruptors of tomorrow? We showcase businesses from across the Midlands who have found a niche and have the potential to be the exciting tech-led companies of the future.

Enhancing an international reputation
Technology jobs and investments are important to the economic growth and future prosperity of the region, and there is plenty of momentum building once more. Our panel will analyse the region’s strengths and how it can best burnish its international reputation.

Accelerating change of urban mobility
Tech is seen as an accelerator for our business journeys – and sometimes that is literally true. It can be the engine that drives change in urban mobility, disrupting how and when we move about, how we pay for it, and ultimately the direction of travel for where we work and live.

To book online please visit the event page here.

Date: Wed 24 Nov 2021, 9:00am- 4:00pm
Attending: Nicholas Ferrar

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