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AdamsonJones launches initiative to support innovative SMEs

Nottingham-based trademark and patent attorney firm, AdamsonJones, has launched an initiative to support SMEs when looking at their intellectual property.

The first stage of the initiative to be launched is a range of IP training packages, which comprise of one-to-one sessions with a patent or trademark attorney. The sessions are designed to help SMEs identify the different types of intellectual property rights appropriate for their products and services and to understand the application process involved in obtaining them.

Simon Cooper, Director at AdamsonJones, said, “Many SMEs have only limited knowledge of IP and the impact it may have on their business. Match that with the misconceptions about cost, complexity and time needed, many businesses are put off seeking the right advice.”

According to a recent Government survey, UK SMEs were found to be amongst the most innovative in the world, but also more likely to miss opportunities to maximise potential return on their investment in innovation by failing to protect their ideas or intellectual property in ways that would help defend against competitors or generate revenue through licensing.

Simon continues, “This stems from a lack of awareness of intellectual property threats and opportunities and is compounded by the complexity surrounding IP. Our initiative aims to demystify and simplify the process, reducing costly meetings and offering a more streamlined and cost effective service, whilst providing SMEs with the knowledge they need to identify the opportunities and risks that IP presents for their business themselves.”

 AdamsonJones is offering a range of one-to-one sessions tailored to meet the needs of SMEs, the initial half hour being free of charge. These sessions will help clarify which rights are relevant; how to carry out simple patent and trademark searches; and explain UK and international application strategy.

Simon concluded, “UK SMEs account for 99% of all UK businesses and represent a significant part of our economy. Our aim is to provide much needed support in an easy and affordable manner to help SMEs understand and protect their intellectual property.”

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