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Top marks for AdamsonJones

Katherine Wright, newly-qualified Patent Attorney at AdamsonJones in Nottingham has been awarded the Strode prize as the candidate who scored the highest marks in the Advanced Patent Attorneys’ Practice paper of the qualifying exams. She was one of 174 candidates that sat the exam.

Since joining AdamsonJones in 2010 as a Patent Assistant, Katherine has been working towards qualification. Last year Katherine won the prize for achieving the highest mark in the Patent Drafting exam, and the year before that she received the Moss prize for the highest combined marks in the Foundation Level UK and Foreign Patent Law papers. Katherine’s progress has been so rapid that she has reached UK qualification before even being eligible to sit the examinations that will enable her to practise before the European Patent Office.

Katherine said “Winning another prize was a real surprise, but is a confidence boost. In terms of next career steps, now that I’m UK-qualified I’m focusing on taking the European exams next year.”

Steve Jones, Chairman at AdamsonJones said “We are absolutely delighted for Katherine; her success is very well deserved. Personal development is absolutely key to the continuing success of the company as we strive to offer the highest level of expertise and knowledge to our clients.”

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