Patent protection for Medical Devices.

AdamsonJones has a strong focus on medical devices, complementing our strength in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. In this video our medical device patent attorneys explain how we help clients build effective patent portfolios covering the whole spectrum of development in this field, for example; surgical instruments; drug delivery devices; respiratory apparatus; wound care; implantable devices; patient monitoring; manufacturing technology; diagnostics and sensors; instrumentation.


What are the key intellectual property issues for the Pharmaceutical and Chemistry industry?

Pharmaceutical patent protection is extremely important. Only by achieving secure protection with pharmaceutical patents can the huge investment necessary to bring a pharmaceutical product to market be safeguarded and an adequate return on that investment realised. In this video our specialist pharmaceutical patent attorneys talk about some of the key aspects of intellectual property (IP) for the pharmaceutical and chemistry industry.


Meet Patent Attorneys from our Engineering & Design Team.

The fields of manufacturing, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering require detailed understanding of both the commercial landscape and the technology at hand. Our engineering patent attorneys understand the commercial considerations facing these businesses, from where they sit in the supply chain to how they make money. Correctly identifying which opportunities to pursue and how best to protect them is often key to securing patents that can add real commercial value to a new product or service.

Meet our Trade Mark Attorneys

All businesses trade under a name or brand, and a registered trade mark is essential to protect your reputation. Our team of Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys guide you through the options for securing trade mark registrations appropriate for your business, and the subsequent application procedures for obtaining UK and international trade mark registrations.

About AdamsonJones Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

AdamsonJones offers effective intellectual property protection (IP) services encompassing patents, registered trade marks and registered designs. We take the time to understand your business and the commercial potential of your innovation so that we can deliver open, practical and meaningful advice to put your business in a stronger competitive position.


I have an idea I'd like to protect.

Find out more about intellectual property (IP) rights and how they could protect your innovations. Qualified patent and trade mark attorneys at AdamsonJones talk about the ways in which we help individuals and businesses to obtain the best IP rights for new products and services.



Is intellectual property (IP) relevant for my business?

Find out how intellectual property protection could add value to your business. Nic Ferrar, patent attorney at AdamsonJones, discusses the importance of protecting your innovation to reduce the risk of being copied by competitors.



I've received a cease and desist letter and don't know what to do now.

Practical advice on protecting your own trade marks and infringing anyone else’s. David Gwilliam, trade mark attorney at AdamsonJones, explains what to do if you receive a 'cease and desist' letter.



What should I expect from my Patent Attorney?

The team at AdamsonJones discuss the benefits of using a patent attorney, what to look for when choosing one and how to get the best out of this professional relationship.



I'm collaborating with someone, who owns the IP?

Chris MacDonald, patent attorney at AdamsonJones, discusses the issues of inventorship and ownership of intellectual property rights.



Why do I need a Chartered Patent Attorney?

So you're an inventor or a designer with a new product. Is it worth hiring a Chartered Patent Attorney to help protect your ideas?

Stefan Knox, claims one of the most important trusted friends to have in your development team is a patent attorney. In this short video, produced by CIPA, Inventors Stefan Knox, Guy Taylor and Paul Mans discuss the vital role their Chartered Patent Attorneys have played in the success of their business.


What can a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney do for your business?

Short video by the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA). Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys are highly skilled legal professionals. They have the specialist knowledge needed to navigate intellectual property law, and the commercial insight to guide you in your brand protection strategy.

European patent work unaffected by Brexit

A short video by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) explaining why the UK's European patent work will not be affected by the UK's decision to leave the EU.


Intellectual Property - Why you should choose the United Kingdom

Video by CIPA, The Law Society, CITMA, The British Association of the International Federation of IP Attorneys and the UK's Intellectual Property Lawyers' Association. 

UK intellectual property (IP) professionals have the skills and resources to handle worldwide IP portfolios, co-ordinate global dispute resolution and advise on transactions and exploitation strategies with an international reach.

The UK's intellectual property system is consistently ranked by independent researchers as one of the best in the world. The speed of litigation and rigorous testing of evidence are among the features which set the UK apart from other countries.


The Vacuderm: From the perspective of a patent attorney

Short video from Olberon, a medical innovation company and client of AdamsonJones. Nic Ferrar, patent attorney, explains the patentability of the Vacuderm concept, developed by Olberon to give medical professionals easier access to patients veins.

Meet the team

Our team of patent and trade mark attorneys offers an engaging and vibrant blend of youth and experience with technical expertise in a variety of different disciplines.

IP In Person

Watch our short video clips for comments on the latest IP news and developments as well as best practice tips for IP strategy and management.