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AdamsonJones offers comprehensive and tailored intellectual property services to meet the needs of your business.

Intellectual property protection

Intellectual property is protectable by exclusive legal rights, including patents, registered trade marks and registered designs, and our team of experienced patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys are experts in these fields. We are able to secure effective protection for your intellectual property, in any country of the world, and provide associated advice regarding your freedom to operate in those countries. Find out how our intellectual property services could benefit your business.

All businesses need to consider intellectual property, and develop a strategy to ensure that the needs of a business are met. This strategy should include a consideration of the protection of a business’s IP, the management of the risk associated with the IP rights of others, the relevance of IP to overseas markets, and any tax incentives that may be utilised. We work with you to develop and implement the IP strategy that fits with your commercial goals, both now and in the future. Discover more about how we can help build and strengthen your IP strategy.

Our team of UK and European patent and trade mark attorneys also represent the clients of our overseas associates in proceedings before the UK and European intellectual property authorities. We are experienced in communicating the nuances of UK and European practice to our overseas associates, and their clients, and implementing our associates’ instructions to achieve the protection that they need. Further details on how we can represent your interests in the UK and Europe.

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