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Registered Designs

A registered design is an exclusive right granted by the state, which provides its owner with protection for the appearance of a product. Although this protection is relatively narrow, it can provide powerful protection against imitation products.

The owner of a registered design is able to prevent competitors manufacturing or marketing products that look the same, or very similar, to their products. This is relevant for products where the appearance is important, and attracts customers, and a registered design protects against imitation of that design. A registered design is also a powerful weapon against the manufacturers and distributers of exact copies of your products, and may enable efficient enforcement of your rights in these circumstances. Read more about our specific services in relation to design protection.

We are experienced in obtaining the registrations that you need to achieve your commercial goals, including design registrations in overseas markets through our network of carefully selected overseas associates. Read more about our specific services in relation to overseas markets.

It is also important to recognise that there are risks associated with the registered designs of your competitors, and we are able to assist in the management of that risk, and prevent any nasty surprises. This risk management includes searches, watches and advice regarding how to avoid conflict with any registered designs identified. Read more about our specific services in relation to risk management

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