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Registered Design Risk Management

Adamson Jones pride ourselves on our commercial approach to the management of risk and enforcement of your rights, understanding that the needs of your business are primary. Registered designs are an important intellectual property right, with the protection required to get ahead of competitors and make it easier to take legal action against infringement and copying.

Our specialist attorneys at Adamson Jones will provide registered design searches in respect of proposed new products, as well as associated searches for registered shape trade marks

Risk Management Advice

We also provide advice regarding your freedom to operate, including advice regarding the risk of infringing any registered designs identified as being potentially relevant to your proposed new product, as well as any unregistered design rights that may subsist in a competitor’s design. This advice always takes account of the commercial risk, as well as the legal risk, and will also include a consideration of potential modifications to your proposed new product that would reduce the risk of infringement, if necessary.

Our advice in relation to potential infringements of your intellectual property rights also enables you to enforce your rights before your business suffers too much damage, and therefore manage the risk of having to undertake expensive court action.

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