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Patent Protection

Our patent attorneys will guide you through the identification of potentially patentable inventions, the options for securing patent protection appropriate for your business, and the subsequent application procedures for obtaining patent protection at home and overseas. We also advise in relation to the generation of a patent portfolio that provides strategic protection for your important innovations, as well as patent prosecution options should the issue arise.

We are here to help you through every stage by making this process as smooth and straightforward for you as possible. The most important aspects of our role are:

  • advising you whether a particular invention is likely to meet the requirements for patentability of novelty and inventiveness. This might require us to carry out searches to establish the ways in which the invention differs from what has been done before.
  • drafting the patent specification in a way that offers the broadest protection, yet has a reasonable prospect of being allowed, and includes fall-back positions that would also provide effective, valuable patent protection for the invention.
  • steering the application through all the stages of the patent application procedure, including advising in relation to any amendment or legal argument that may be required to obtain commercially valuable protection for your invention.

After a patent has been granted, we assist with the maintenance of the patent and advise on its enforcement should the patent be infringed by a competitor.

We will also help you build and manage an effective patent portfolio, which provides cost effective and strategic protection for your business. Our regular contact with you and your business will enable us to continually monitor whether the protection strategy adopted meets your evolving needs, to ensure that you maximise your commercial advantage.

To discuss your patent requirements with a qualified patent attorney in confidence, and at your convenience, please call us on +44 (0)115 947 7977 or email

For more information please see our Brief Guide on UK Patent Protection

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