Register a Trademark

A registered trademark is an exclusive right granted by the state, which provides protection for a name, logo or other sign that indicates to customers, or end consumers, that the trade mark owner is the origin of the goods or services supplied. In short, trademark registration protects your brand and the reputation associated with your brand.

The establishment of a reputation that attracts customers to your business is the very essence of commerce. All businesses rely on building their reputation and ensuring customers know where to return for the goods or services supplied, and it is a company’s brand that identifies a business to the market.

It is essential to register a trademark to guard against competitors using the same or similar branding that may confuse consumers and take advantage of your brand’s reputation. Read more about our specific services in relation to trademark protection.

We are experienced in obtaining the registered trademarks that you need to achieve your commercial goals, both now and in the future, including obtaining registrations in overseas markets through our network of carefully selected overseas associates. Read more about our specific services in relation to overseas markets.

It is also important to recognise that there are risks associated with the registered trade marks of your competitors, when launching a new brand, which we can mitigate by providing searches and advice. We also actively watch competitors’ applications to ensure that you are able to assert your rights before any damage is caused in the marketplace. Read more about our specific services in relation to risk management.