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Registered Trade Mark Protection

We will guide you through the identification of potentially registrable trade marks, the options for securing trade mark registrations appropriate for your business, and the subsequent application procedures for obtaining UK and international trade mark registrations. We also advise in relation to the generation of a portfolio of registered trade marks that provides strategic protection for your important brands.

We are here to help you through every stage by making this process as smooth and straightforward for you as possible. The most important aspects of our role are:

  • advising you whether a particular trade mark is likely to meet the requirements for registration and whether there is any risk of opposition to the trade mark application by a third party with earlier rights. This might require us to carry out searches to establish what earlier trade mark rights exist, and whether those earlier rights are valid
  • drafting the specification of goods and services in a way that offers comprehensive protection, taking into account your plans for the future
  • steering the application through all the stages of the application procedure, including advising in relation to any amendment or legal argument that may be required to obtain registration of your trade mark.
  • advising in relation to any opposition that may be filed against your application, and handling any defence to that opposition or any negotiation of co-existence with the other party, as appropriate

After a trade mark has been registered, we assist with the maintenance of the registered trade mark and advise on its enforcement should the registered trade mark be infringed by a competitor.

We will also help you build and manage an effective portfolio of registered trade marks, which provides cost-effective and strategic intellectual property protection for your business. Our regular contact with you and your business will enable us to continually monitor whether the protection strategy adopted meets your evolving needs, to ensure that you maximise your commercial advantage.

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