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IP Strategy

All businesses need to consider intellectual property and develop an IP strategy to ensure that the needs of a business are met. This IP strategy should include a consideration of the protection of a business’s intellectual property, the management of the risk associated with the IP rights of others, the relevance of IP to overseas markets, and any tax incentives that may be utilised. Adamson Jones work with you to develop and implement the IP strategy that fits your commercial goals both now and in the future, whether that relates to exit, licensing, generating investment or other commercial opportunities.

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IP Protection

The active protection of your IP, whether by means of patents, registered trade marks or registered designs, protects the competitive advantage provided by your innovations and brand, and establishes realisable assets from your investment in those aspects of your business. We are able to secure effective protection for your intellectual property, in any country of the world. Find out more about IP protection and the services that we provide.

It also has to be remembered that there are risks associated with the IP of your competitors, and we are able to assist in the management of that risk and prevent any nasty surprises. This risk management includes searches, watches, and advice regarding how to avoid conflict with existing IP rights identified. Discover more about risk management and the services that we provide.

The consideration of intellectual property rights in overseas markets is vital to establishing your business in those markets and enabling growth. Our network of carefully selected overseas associates enables us to provide our services in respect of every country of the world, including protecting your IP in these markets and avoiding the IP of others. Read more about overseas markets and the services that we provide.

We are conscious that building a client’s intellectual property portfolio can involve considerable expense. We therefore actively seek to ensure that our UK clients are able to benefit to the greatest possible extent from the various tax incentives that exist to promote innovation in the UK. Find out more information about the various tax incentives available.

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