IP Protection

The active protection of your IP, whether by means of patents, registered trade marks or registered designs, is vital for all businesses. Not only does it protect the intangible assets of your business from misappropriation by competitors, it also generates valuable assets that may be traded or exploited to generate income or attract investors, for example.

AdamsonJones will get to know your business and your commercial objectives, and will be proactive in providing you with an effective strategy for protection of your intellectual property. We work with you to secure IP protection that provides the maximum value from your investment in your innovations, designs and brand, for a cost that is appropriate for your business.

Our management of your IP portfolio will also enable us to continually monitor whether the protection strategy adopted meets your evolving needs, to ensure that you maximise your commercial advantage both now and in the future.

Read more about our specific services in patent protection, trade mark protection, and design protection, and how we can help your business.