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IP Protection Overseas

The consideration of intellectual property rights in overseas markets is vital to establishing your business in those markets and enabling growth. For many intellectual property rights decisions must be made in respect of protection in overseas markets at an early stage of the application process. Effective planning is therefore essential, and we work with you to devise commercially realistic strategies for protection of your intellectual property in overseas markets.

Our network of carefully selected overseas associates enables us to provide our services in respect of every country in the world, including established markets such as the US and Japan, as well as emerging markets such as China and India. This allows protection of your intellectual property in these markets and the ability to avoid the intellectual property of others.

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Patent Protection Overseas

Patents are used to protect inventions and products that an individual or company may have thought of and/or created. Overseas patent protection ensures that your patented idea cannot be copied in those countries in which you have obtained a patent. Read more about our specific services for patent protection overseas.

Trade marks protect product names, logos and specifically branded products that a company may create. Trade mark protection ensures that these brands aren’t duplicated, or if they are, having a trade mark ensures that these duplicates are made illegal. Read more about our specific services for trade mark protection overseas.

Registered designs protect the appearance of a product including the colours, patterns, shapes and even packaging of a product. Protecting your registered designs means that if a product is very similar to yours, your attorney can take action to ensure the duplicated design is not made profitable or legal. Read more about our specific services for registered design protection overseas.

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