Overseas Patent Services

The consideration of patents in overseas markets is vital to establishing your business in those markets and enabling growth, where technology is an important aspect of your products or processes.

For patents, decisions must be made in respect of protection in overseas markets at an early stage of the application process. Effective planning is therefore essential, and we work with you to devise commercially realistic strategies for protection of your technology in overseas markets.

The services that we provide include:

• filing strategy for obtaining overseas patent protection in a selection of territories that will provide commercially realistic and effective protection, appropriate for your commercial objectives

• PCT (International) patent application, which provisionally covers over 140 countries (see List of PCT Contracting States), and defers the choice of territories until 2½ years following an initial home patent application

• European patent application, which is examined by the European Patent Office and, once granted, may be brought into force in multiple European countries (see list of EPC Member States)

Our network of carefully selected overseas associates also enables us to obtain patent protection in almost every country of the world, including established markets such as the USA and Japan, and emerging markets such as China and India.

To discuss your overseas patent requirements with a qualified patent attorney in confidence, and at your convenience, please call us on +44 115 947 7977 or email contact@adamson-jones.co.uk.