Risk Management

There are risks associated with the intellectual property of your competitors, and we are able to assist in the management of that risk, and prevent any nasty surprises.

We provide watches in relation to the intellectual property of competitors, or in relation to your field of technology, which enable you to keep abreast of activity in your sector, and identify any potential infringement risks at the earliest stage. We also search more specifically for intellectual property that may be relevant to your proposed new product, service or brand, and provide advice regarding your freedom to proceed.

Our advice in relation to potential infringements of your intellectual property rights also enables you to enforce your rights before your business suffers too much damage, and therefore manage the risk of having to undertake expensive court action.

We pride ourselves in our commercial approach to the management of risk and enforcement of your rights, understanding that the needs of your business are primary.

Read more about our specific services in risk management for patents, trade marks, and designs, and how we can help your business.