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Tax Incentives

At Adamson Jones, we are conscious that building a client’s intellectual property portfolio can involve considerable expense. We therefore actively seek to ensure that our UK clients are able to benefit to the greatest possible extent from the various tax incentives that exist to promote innovation in the UK.

R&D Tax Relief

Many of our clients are able to claim R&D tax relief, even where innovation lies not in pure research carried out in laboratories but simply in practical problem-solving aimed at improving a product or process. It is easy to overlook what constitutes relevant R&D in this context. Patentable inventions are one indicator of activities that qualify for R&D tax relief, but they are by no means essential. We help our UK clients identify qualifying R&D activities and work with their accountants and other advisers to ensure that the maximum benefit is obtained.

The UK Patent Box scheme provides further benefits for profitable companies that incur a UK Corporation Tax liability. In this case, however, the benefit is only achievable where a patent has been obtained, even if only in the UK. Patenting new products or processes that contribute to a company’s profits can therefore now provide a direct financial return on the investment necessary to obtain patent protection. Again, we work with our clients’ accountants to ensure the greatest benefit is achieved.

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