Services for Clients and Associates in Europe

Filing and prosecution of European patent, trade mark and design applications: We represent clients in other European countries in proceedings before the EPO and EUIPO. Clients often prefer to file such applications in the English language, particularly where corresponding applications in the USA or other jurisdictions are planned.

Validation of European patents in the United Kingdom: We are able to act as address for service in relation to European patents that take effect in the UK. Many clients and associates in other parts of Europe consider it advisable to appoint local representatives, even where this is not mandatory, and choose us because of our efficient procedures and reasonable charges.

Filing and prosecution of UK national patent, trade mark and design applications: If you opt for national registrations, rather than Europe-wide applications, we are able to represent you before the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office.

To learn more about the services we offer our clients and associates in the UK and Europe, please contact us.