Biotechnology Patent Attorneys

We offer particular expertise in the area of biotechnology, with our team of biotech patent attorneys having specific backgrounds and clients in this sector, providing you with a comprehensive service.

Biotechnology Patent Protection

Intellectual property is an essential asset to biotechnology organisations. Only by achieving secure protection can the huge investment necessary to bring a biotech product to market be safeguarded and an adequate return on that investment realised.

In biotechnology, the range of developments that can be protected by biotech patents is extensive, from newly recognised genes and stem cell technology to microbiology and fermentation.

As experienced biotech patent attorneys, we help clients build effective biotechnology patent portfolios covering the whole spectrum of developments in this field, for example:

• Protein chemistry
• Protein engineering
• Cell biology
• Genetics
• Recombinant DNA technology
• Immunology
• Antibody technology
• Vaccine technology
• Microbiology
• Fermentation

We also carry out freedom-to-operate analyses and risk assessments in relation to competitor biotech patents, and where appropriate take aggressive action to invalidate and clear away obstructive patents that impede our clients' activities.

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