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I have an idea I’d like to protect

At Adamson Jones, we help clients protect the investments they make in new technologies and new ideas. This can be anyone from a single inventor working on a project or a multinational that needs help managing a large intellectual property (IP) portfolio. When we start working with an individual, group or company on their patent protection we ask a series of questions about the idea to determine the field of technology that it sits in.

Business idea

Patent Searches

Sometimes the most appropriate action for clients to take will be to do some patent searching on their own and to look at whether what they are doing is new and how inventive it is. Our team can direct clients to free of charge search databases, which will give businesses an opportunity to see what technology is already out there and work out whether a patent would be relevant. We want to avoid unnecessary costs for our clients wherever possible. Then, when appropriate, we’ll put them through to a member of our team in the right technological field.

Technical Expertise

All of our patent attorneys at Adamson Jones have a technical background from mechanical engineering to physics or chemistry. It is important that we match the right attorney with the client’s needs.

Once our patent attorneys understand what their idea is and what they wish to patent, we will arrange to meet the client at our offices or at a place that is convenient for them. We are very happy to invest time into getting to know a client’s business and ideas as well as spending time on educating the client in intellectual property so that they can get the most out of the relationship we hope to establish.

We try and put our clients at ease throughout the whole patent application process as there can be a lot of nerves surrounding the procedure and where to start. For some people, talking to a patent attorney can be the first time that they’ve talked about their idea to anybody and they have a lot riding on their patent whether it be for their future or their livelihood.

To find out how intellectual property rights could protect your idea, talk to a patent attorney in confidence and at a time that is convenient for you. Call today on 0115 947 7977 or email us at


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