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pct2ep is a dedicated resource for our overseas associates seeking reliable and efficient European regional phase entry by experienced European Patent Attorneys. A cost estimate for your application can be obtained immediately via our online cost estimator, and your application processed within 24 hours on receipt of your instructions.

With pct2ep you have access to all the information you need regarding the European patent applications, including useful tips and advice on procedure and costs for each stage of the process.

What countries are covered by a European patent application?

The European Patent Convention (EPC) is a regional patent system, allowing a single European patent application to cover 38 member states across Europe.

A European patent is not a European Union patent, although it is sometimes loosely referred to as such. The EPC does, however, include all 27 of the current member states of the European Union. That is to say, the EPC includes more countries than just the EU and is outside of EU law.

For a map and list of the countries covered by a European patent application please click here.

If you are considering taking your PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application forward in Europe before the EPO (European Patent Office), it’s important to be aware of the fees associated with the process. Not only are there set fees, but there are also factors which can affect the cost of your application throughout the process. To find out which factors and fees you should consider, and gain an expectation of how much the process should cost you please click here.

One of the biggest issues faced by PCT patent applications entering Europe is the structure of the patent application claims. The EPO is strict about the requirement of unity of invention and also the conciseness of the independent claims. 

Perhaps the most problematic claim structure to deal with in Europe comprises the use of multiple independent claims of overlapping scope. It is claim sets of this kind that can incur unexpected complexity and prosecution costs in Europe. For more information please click here.

If you are looking to obtain a European patent, there are a number of factors that affect the time it takes to be granted. The application process generally takes between 2 – 6 years from start to finish – but don’t worry, if you would like to accelerate this process there are a number of methods you can use to do this; click here.

If you are considering taking your PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application forward into Europe, you must do so within 31 months from the earliest claimed priority date of the application (or from the PCT filing date, if no priority is claimed) 

But what happens if you have missed the 31-month deadline? There are options available which may permit late entry into the European regional phase; click here

There are advantages and disadvantages to using the European patent application system rather than separate national patent applications.

Since its establishment in the 1970s, the European Patent Office (EPO) has become the standard choice for obtaining patent protection across Europe. The European system provides for patent protection in 38 countries, including all current 27 member states within the European Union. However, protection in all those countries comes at a cost, due to the need to validate the European patent in individual countries once granted and the high official fees at the EPO. Click here

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