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The process of protecting intellectual property is complex and often unintelligible to the untrained eye. This level of complexity extends not only to the nature of IP rights but also the availability of different types of IP rights for different types of innovation, as well as the process of applying to obtain those rights.

Basic Guides

We have compiled some basic guides in order to help explain the salient points about the available IP protection options and application processes. There is no substitute for focused advice for a particular situation from a qualified attorney. However, we hope that these basic guides will help newcomers to the world of IP protection attain a fundamental understanding of what is involved.

At Adamson Jones we are experts at securing patent, trade mark and registered design protection in the UK and Europe. There are a significant number of subtleties that distinguish the UK and European IP application systems both from each other and also the corresponding application processes for other areas of the world. We manage a significant caseload of UK and European applications for our clients and invest significant time in our continuing professional development to ensure we stay abreast of current best practice and changes to the IP systems. We have condensed our understanding and experience of the costs involved in order to provide pertinent information on the patent and trade mark protection procedures.

These short video clips introduce our team, our areas of technical expertise and help answer some of the key questions businesses ask about intellectual property protection.

IP law is constantly evolving through improvements to communication technology as well as in response to case law established by the courts. At Adamson Jones we invest significant time in reviewing and understanding these changes so that we able to comment on current trends and provide the most up-to-date advice to our clients.

Adamson Jones have also compiled a list of other useful links that may allow you to better understand intellectual property rights, protection and registration.

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