IP Protection and Advice

Intellectual property refers to ‘creations of the mind’ that are protectable by exclusive legal rights, which include patents, registered trade marks and registered designs. AdamsonJones has a team of experienced patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys, who are experts in these intellectual property rights.

Patents protect technically innovative features of new products or processes, ie inventions, and should be considered if you feel that your innovation is something that your competitors would wish to copy, if they were able. Protecting your technical innovations ensures that your investment in your business becomes a realisable asset, which is protected from copying by your competitors. There may also be tax incentives available if patents are pursued. Read more about patents and the services that we provide.

Registered trade marks protect brands, and prevent competitors using the same or similar branding that may confuse consumers, or take advantage of your brand’s reputation. All businesses trade under a name or brand, and a registered trade mark is essential to protect your reputation. Read more about registered trade marks and the services that we provide.

Registered designs protect the appearance of products, and give the owner the right to stop competitors imitating the appearance of a new product. Careful consideration should be given to registered designs if you believe that others may wish to make use of the effort you have expended in developing the appearance of your product. Read more about registered designs and the services that we provide.

Is intellectual property (IP) relevant for my business?