Patent Attorney Services

A patent is an exclusive right granted by the state, which provides its owner with powerful patent protection for the technical innovation concerned, in that the owner has the right to stop anyone else commercially exploiting that innovation.

The protection provided by a patent enables you to maximise the competitive advantage provided by your technical innovations, and establish realisable assets from your investment in those innovations. Not only can a patent stop competitors utilising your technology, but it may also be licensed or sold to generate revenue. Read more about our specific services in relation to patent protection.

Our patent attorneys are experienced in obtaining the patents that you need to achieve your commercial goals, including patents in overseas markets through our network of carefully selected overseas associates. Contact us to find out more about our patent services or find out more about the international patent services we offer specific to overseas markets.

It is also important to recognise that there are risks associated with the patents of your competitors, and we are able to assist in the management of that risk, and prevent any nasty surprises. This risk management includes searches, watches and advice regarding how to avoid conflict with patent rights identified. Read more about our specific services in relation to risk management.

At least for UK companies, there are also tax incentives that may be relevant to you, and we are able to provide advice to enable you to maximise the benefit that you derive from those incentives. Find out how your business could benefit from R&D tax credits and our services in relation to tax incentives tax incentives

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